The department of Public Health is located on the Ghent University Hospital Campus (Campus UZ).

The Ghent University Hospital Campus is situated near the city centre of Ghent and lies at the junction of the European motorways E17 and E40 which makes it within easy reach for cars and public transport.

By car
  • GPS coordinates: 51° 1.536' / 3° 43.731'

  • From the city centre: you can reach the Ghent University Hospital Campus via the inner ring and the C. Heymanslaan and Zwijnaardsesteenweg slip roads.

  • Via the R4: from both the East and the West you can access the campus via the R4.

  • Via the E40 and E17 motorways: the E40 motorway (Ostend - Brussels) connects with the E17 (Antwerpen - Kortrijk) at the Zwijnaarde junction. There is a special exit on the E17, exit no 9, marked "Universitair Ziekenhuis" or "UZG".

By public transport
  • Sint-Pieters-Station is about 20 to 25 minutes walk from the hospital.
  • The city tram and bus company (De Lijn) runs two bus lines (n°s 49 and 65) and a tram line (n° 4 ) between Sint-Pieters-Station and the hospital Campus.
  • From the outer suburbs and the city centre, bus line 5 (Heuvelpoort, Tolpoort, Van Beverenplein, Zwijnaarde Hekers) provides a direct connection with the hospital.

There is a central car park in the grounds of Ghent University Hospital.


Campus plan (dpt Public Health: entrance 42)