Mission and staff


In the Epidemiology and Prevention Unit of the Department of Public Health several research projects are dealing with disease prevention including risk factors epidemiology, lifestyle changes, risk management and psychosocial risk factors at work. The Unit is in close collaboration with the ULB (Brussels), University of Antwerp, Scientific Institute of Public Health (Brussels), Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp), Imperial College (London) and the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (Copenhagen), with whom the unit is sharing several projects on the epidemiology and prevention of major health problems in developed and developing countries.

Our mission is to improve the health of people through population-based research with the aim to develop appropriate preventive strategies.


Prof. dr. D. De Bacquer
Ghent University Hospital
C. Heymanslaan 10 entrance 42 (building K3, 4th floor)
B-9000 Ghent
Phone 0032 (0)9 332 36 83
Fax 0032 (0)9 332 49 94

Staff members
  • Prof. dr. Dirk De Bacquer
Scientific staff
  • em. Prof. dr. Guy De Backer
  • Prof. dr. Els Clays
  • Prof. dr. Delphine De Smedt
  • Prof. dr. Patrick Vanderstuyft
  • Prof. dr. Koen Van Herck
  • Dr. Stefanie De Buyser
  • Dr. Sofie Pardaens
  • Anneleen Baert
  • Larissa Bolliger
  • Jean-Baptist Vandeneede
  • Lisa Van Wilder
Administrative staff
  • Mrs Roos Colman