Mission and staff


The unit of Medical Informatics and Statistics is composed of three subunits:
- UZ-Gent staff
- UGent staff
- RAMIT v.z.w.

Its research in the domain of e-Health (formerly known as "Health Informatics and Telematics" or "ICT for Health") follows the priorities of the "Framework programmes" of the European Commission and of several National and Regional research programmes (e.g. IBBT/IWT and FOD Volksgezondheid).

Main focus is on:
• Electronic Health Records (EHRs), semantic interoperability, functional quality criteria of EHRs and bio-informatics (meaning integration of fenome-, proteome- and genome-data; (cf. the Q-REC, RIDE and ASSIST projects).
• e-Homecare projects: transparant platforms for homecare and distant-monitoring (cf. the Panaceia-iTV, Interlife, Coplintho and TranseCare projects).
• Ontology-oriented basic research (cf. Acknowledge project and ELSA proposal).
• Test-based e-learning developments, incl. medical imaging (cf. TeleTendo and TeleRad).
• Research on Privacy Protection in eHealth (cf. Membership of the Belgian Privacy Protection Committee in eHealth, Ministry of Justice)

The unit of Medical Informatics and Statistics also hosts the "Biostatistical Platform" (Cel Biostatistiek), depending officially of the Dean of the Faculty.
The main objective of this platform is to advise on statistical matters and to offer services to researchers and research-groups within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of both the Ghent University and the Ghent University Hospital. This implies counselling during the study set-up, determining the most appropriate methods, discussing problems like sample size and power and statistical analysis of the data. The platform will in the longer run also organise internal education and training in the use of statistical methods and software.


Secretariat: Mrs M. Vannevel
Ghent University Hospital
De Pintelaan 185 entrance 42 (building K3, 5th floor)
B-9000 Ghent
Phone 0032 (0)9 332 34 21
Fax 0032 (0)9 331 33 50
E-mail Martine.Vannevel@UGent.be

Staff members
  • Prof. Dr. Georges De Moor  
Scientific staff
  • Prof. dr. Pascal Coorevits
  • Prof. dr. Luc Belmans, visiting professor
  • Prof. dr. Dipak Kalra, visiting professor
  • Mrs. Miet Dequae
  • Dr. Ellen Deschepper
  • Dr. Jos Devlies
  • Mr. Filip De Meyer
  • Mrs. Inge Lamote
  • Mr. Geert Thienpont
Administrative staff
  • Dr. Heidi Buysse, teaching assistant
  • Mr. Gunther Ruyssinck
  • Mrs. Martine Vannevel